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This Is Attribution

Jan 7, 2020

Today we welcome Jane Clarke whose knowledge, experience and initiatives continue to push the attribution and measurement market forward. Tune in for an in-depth discussion on the future of standards in attribution and measurement as well as some good tips on choosing a vendor!

Guest bio:

Jane Clarke has more than 40 years of experience collecting and analyzing global strategic insights for Time Warner, Children’s Television Workshop, and National Geographic. As a CEO and Managing Director of CIMM, the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement, Jane is responsible for developing CIM strategy, vision, and overseeing all day-to-day operations. Most recently, she was Vice-President of Insights and Innovation at Time Warner Media Group where her work fuelled marketing solutions across television, online, mobile and print. She is on the board of the Advertising Research Foundation and Icon Global, was a broadcasting and cable digital all-star in 2014, and received a leadership award from Interactive TV Today in 2016.


Key takeaways:

[1:30] I introduce today’s guest, Jane Clarke, and ask her how her journey took her from an internship at National Geographic to Sesame Street to advertising and CIMM, where she is today. She touches on what the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) is and its purpose.

[7:12] Cross-platform analysis evolution has been long and slow, Jane explains how it started for her all the way back at National Geographic and how the advent of digital technology revolutionized expectations and enabled the progressive de-siloing of the analytic process.

[10:56] Jane dives into the multitude of different data levels that enable an unprecedented level of analysis granularity as well as how each media offers a unique type of information. She expands on CIMM’s mission in this evolving concept as well as the different systems that will be required in the future.

[16:20] Jane explains why she says that the data systems currently in place will need to change, starting with the massive differences in who owns the data as well as privacy issues.

[21:22] The lack of standardization is currently an issue; Jane details some of the more promising initiatives underway today.

[25:23] Some tools are in place to protect brands against fraud but standards will increase trust and incentivize brands to jump into attribution. CIMM is looking at creating some best practices to start things off.

[29:10] Data that is used for measurement is sensitive business data, yet a lot of it is available easily, Jane and I discuss the necessity to tighten up security in an environment whose pace is increasing so rapidly!

[31:10] Jane shares her tips and advice for advertisers to find and choose a trustworthy vendor.

[34:52] I mention control groups and their importance for measuring incrementality. Jane and I go back and forth with some eye-opening moments clients have when they realize most of their sales would have happened anyway — even when siloed attribution was taking credit for everyone walking into the stores!

[40:35] The word attribution like the word organic should be used with certification or people falsely using it should be fined!

[42:23] Jane offers her vision on the future of attribution.

[44:06] Jane shares one thing she knows that no one else knows and I thank her for coming on the podcast to share so much of her experience.


Be sure to tune in for the next episode and thanks for listening!


Connect with our guest:

Jane Clarke on LinkedIn

Jane Clarke at CIMM


About your host:

Jeff Greenfield is the Co-Founder and Chief Attribution Officer of C3 Metrics. As the chief architect of the platform, Greenfield worked directly with the former CEO and Chairmen of Nielsen to solve advertising’s attribution problem.


Greenfield’s history of technology and marketing initiatives has served blue-chip clients including GlaxoSmithKline, Kimberly-Clark, Sony BMG, Black & Decker, Forest Labs, Plum Creek, and more.


Prior to co-founding C3 Metrics, Greenfield was a recognized thought leader in the area of Branded Content as the publisher of Branded Entertainment Monthly, a joint effort with VNU Media, detailing industry statistics, gaps, and trends. He’s been a featured speaker at NAPTE, The Next Big Idea, and a news source in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, CNET, and Investor’s Business Daily. Greenfield studied Biochemistry at the University of Maryland, holds dual degrees from Southern California University of Health Sciences and is an instrument-rated pilot.


Jeff Greenfield at C3 metrics

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